Contradiction in Chacarita

This project was a book I made with images that I took while looking, watching and walking around a neighborhood of the city of Buenos Aires, Chacarita.

The area appears as a contradictory spot: the vast movement of people and the constant transit of vehicles show life; at the same time a blind tall wall establishes a strong limit with the cemetery, reinforcing maybe the idea of the dead.

The register tries to reinforce the meaning of this duality. In this urban knot, where apparently chaos is apparently what prevails, paradoxically there´s room for silence and time to find certain harmony. This look will be reflected through the shape/morphology of the windows as a sort of composition that helps me express this interpretation.

What I think over about the path I took according to this concept is that on one hand in the active zone, of constant circulation in anonymity and loneliness lacks of identity (death); and on the other hand, in a more participating point of view, there is an identity behind every “window” I expose, there´s a meaning behind it.

The different images reinforce the idea of duality between the inside and the outside. There´s a poetic window that connects conceptually the interior with the exterior. The pictures are in this same dialogue; what I show in the photograph and how it coexists with the offscreen and at the same time gives the viewer the possibility to let his imagination perceive and interpret what´s inside each window.

There´s a construction, a subjectivity. My own interpretation. There´s a structure that helps to the imaginative order be active.

I walk around, observe what happens, up and down
…points of view, looks
Lines, shapes, one unifying perspective
There are contrasts, empty and full, that coexist perfectly
Series of windows, connections, imitations
Harmony and life
Motionless static
I get close and continue watching, now there´s silence
I imagine two paths


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