Through graphical pieces, design establishes a visual communication between the transmitter and the receptor. Behind each of these there’s an idea, a concept, that eventually leads to the identity of the object.

Branding – Corporate Identity – Editorial – Poster – Web design – Print & Digital

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I do my best work with photographs. With them I aim to register moments that last through time. I consider myself a special type of observer, I see, move, seek. I’m a firm believer that looking is not the same as seeing.

Architecture – Nature – Urban – Fashion Photography – Digital & Analogic

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These extra pieces are small projects I like working on in my spare time. Mixed with them in this section you will find several other pieces which I admire and use as a source of inspiration: they represent what I like, what I read and listen to, movies that I can’t get enough of, amongst others. When combined they come together to form my own sense of identity.

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